Emigrants sent under the Petworth Emigration Committee: an alphabetical list of sending parishes organized by county

Compiled by Leigh Lawson

Assisted emigrants from East Sussex parishes, all of whom with the exception of only one or two, went to Upper Canada, on the British Tar chartered by the Petworth Emigration Committee in 1834.


    Ditton, Thomas and Tabitha with children Thomas, William, Emma, Lucy, Francis, Alfred, Mary, and Ann - who was born on board the ship. 1834
    Gamblen (Gamblin), John and Ann with a son 1834
    Grafenstein (Graefenstine), Adolphus 1834
    Holloway, William and wife 1832?
    Kemp, Ann with children Harry, Susannah and another son 1834
    Martin (Marten), William and Jane with children William, Mary, Henry and Sarah 1834
    Muzzal (Muzzle), Abraham 1834
    Perrin (Perring), Thomas and Charlotte with children Elizabeth Sarah, William Henry, Ann, Mary, and Jane 1834
    West, William and Mary with children Mary, John, Edward, William, Hannah, Eleanor and Francis 1834
    Barton, John 1834
    Hammond, Edward 1834
    Hammond, Henry 1834
    Parsons, James 1834
    Pelling, Peter 1834
    Richardson, Samuel 1834
    Ripley, William 1834
    Tutt, [John] James 1834
    Coleman, George Sr and Sarah with children Ann Sophia, John Friend, Sarah, James Friend, Mary, Lucy Susannah, George Peckham 1834
    Coleman, William 1834
    Gates 1834
    Harwood, Henry with children William, Henry, Alfred and Richard 1834
    Kemp, W pre 1834?
    Page, Charles 1834
    Townsend, Charles 1834
    Townsend, George 1834
    Weeks, Thomas and Mary 1841
    Verral, John Henry and Fanny Margherita Charlotte with daughter Fanny 1834?


    Jay, Henry before 1835
    Evans, David 1832
    Goddard, John 1832
    Goddard, Robert and Elizabeth 1832
    Grevatt, William with daughter Eliza 1832
    Holmwood, John Stephens and Leah with children Jane, Emma, John, Charles, Leah, Fanny, Walter, Henry, George Stephens and Robert Penfold (from Swills or Swillage Farm) 1834
    Hopkins, Fanny 1832
    Jordan, Frances 1832
    Robinson, George and wife before 1833
    Woods, Richard 1832
    Burchell, Mr & Mrs with relatives 1832
    Hasted, Frederick and daughter Mary Ann 1833
    Hilton, George and Lydia with children George, Martha, James, Henry, Friend, Charles, Charlotte, and Emily (from Tortington) 1836
    Haines, Charles (from Frenchland) 1832
    5 emigrated in 1833 – names not found
    Howick, George and Mary with children Elizabeth, Harriet, George, Jane, Martha and William 1835
    Howick, William and Jemima with children Jemima, Mary and William 1835
    White, probably Luke and Frances White with children Emma, William, Luke and Walter 1832.
    Wilson, Charles 1832 or 1833 NB. Bignor sent a total of 16 un-named emigrants in 1832 – 4 men, 2 women, 7 boys under 14 and 3 girls under 14.
    Denman, John and Hannah with children William, Henry, Charlotte, James, Sarah, Job, George and Harriet 1836
    Joyes (Joice), Luke and Hannah with children Daniel and Frederick 1836
    King, Martin 1836
    Mitchell, William and wife1832?
    Older, George wife (Sarah?) and 2 children 1836
    Turner, Edward 1832?
    Voice, Cornelius and Elizabeth with children William, Elizabeth, Cornelius, Martha, George and Joseph 1834
    Voice, Ham and Sarah with children Frederick and Ham 1836
    Voice, John (later changed his name to George), nephew of Cornelius 1834
    Heming (Hemming), Edward Francis 1832 (returned to West Sussex by 1851)
    Bennett, Richard and Elizabeth (with children?) 1832?
    Burstead, William 1832?
    Ware, William 1832
    Snelling, John and Eleanor with children Eleanor, Sarah, Anne, Julia, William and Frances Jane 1834
    Hills, George and Mary Ann with children Lucy, Eleanor, Esther, Emma, Charles and Mary Ann (at Great Peppering Farm) 1836
    Cooper, William 1832
    Holmwood, Charles and John 1832?
    Elliott, Phoebe 1833
    Elliott, Thomas 1833
    Luff, John 1832
    Woodford, George 1833
    Fleet, Francis and Mary with children Frank, Elizabeth, Hannah and Sarah 1832
    George, William and Sarah with children James, Edmund, Thomas, Frank, Rebecca, Charles and Alfred 1833
    Hills, Hugh and Sarah with children Martha, William, Mary Ann, James, Mary, George and Edward Hugh 1835
    Viney, Emily and Frances 1835
    Walden, John and Ruth with children Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Charles and Jane 1835
    Budd, James and Mary with children John, James, George, Joseph, Mary and Barbara Ann and nephew Henry 1836
    Hewitt, William 1836
    Owen, Eliza Sophia 1834
    Cobby, Benjamin and wife 1832?
    Greenfield, James and Prudence with sons James and George 1835
    Marshall, C. 1845
    Stevens, Henry and Jane with children Henry, Ann, Maria, Stephen and Timothy 1836
    Wackford (Wakeford), William and Maria with daughter Maria and possibly other children 1835
    Sheppard, George 1834
    Sheppard, Henry 1844
    Bowley, George Arland 1835
    Budd, Edward and William 1835
    Cox, James and Harriet with children Fanny and William 1835
    Cox, John 1835
    Farley, William 1835
    Hills, Thomas and Ruth with children Frank, Thomas and Mary Ann 1835
    Hollis, (John?) and Jane with children John, Jane, Mary and Sarah 1832
    Irish, Charles and Mary with son John 1835
    Irish, Henry and Thomas 1835
    Irish, James and Amy with children Amy/Emily, Elizabeth, Harriet and Ephraim 1835
    Martin, James 1835
    Martin, Martin and Fanny with children Frances, Richard, Louisa, William, Marion and Esther 1832
    Meaden, William 1835
    Pay, William 1835
    Pellett, Hugh and Sarah with children Mark Boniface, Sarah Pink, Jane Messenger and James 1835
    Reeves, George 1835
    Reeves, William Dyer 1835
    Sturt (Start), William and Elizabeth with children Olive, James, Martha, Eliza, Isaac and George 1835
    Webb, Joseph and Ann with children Sarah, Joseph, Ann, William and James 1832
    Berry, Isaac and Emma with children Isaac, Sarah, George, Emma and Barbara 1832
    Boxall, George and Mary with children Alfred, James and two others 1832
    Courtnage, William and Ann with children Hannah and James 1832
    Enticknap, George and Thomas 1836?
    Trusler (Trussler), John and Jane with children Timothy, Thamar, Absalom, Eliza[beth], Ruth, Martha, Eleanor, Reuben, Harriett, Walter and Obediah 1833
    Trussler, George and Elizabeth with children John, James, Frances, David, William, Thomas and Harriet 1833
    Berry, Edward 1836
    Berry, William and Hannah with children Eliza, Charlotte, Henry, Reuben, Edward and Louisa 1836
    Chivers? (Clemens?), Luke 1836
    Clements (Clemens), Thomas and Alice Ann with 9 children including Richard, Thomas, Elizabeth, Catherine and Eliza 1836
    Dale, James and wife 1836
    Hunter, John and wife 1836
    Lilleywhite, Daniel and Mary Ann with children Elizabeth and Mary Ann 1836
    Lilleywhite, George and Sophia with children Ann and George 1836
    Lilleywhite, John and wife 1836
    Lillywhite, Reuben and Frances 1836
    Smith, George and Henry 1836
    Rich, James and Sarah with children Charles, Henry, James, Mary Ann, Harriett and George 1837
    Bates, George 1845
    Littleworth, James and Sarah 1833?
    Rice, Frances 1845
    Rice, Mary 1833
    Ford, John and Clara with children Fanny and Ann 1835
    Gates, James 1836 (returned to Goring 1836)
    Gates, William 1835/36
    Grinyer (Greenyer), Thomas 1836 (returned to Goring 1836)
    Handsfield, Thomas and Elizabeth with children Thomas, Levi and Ann 1836
    Handsfield, William and wife 1836?
    Hide, George 1835/6
    Jackman, William and Sarah with children Ann, Mary, Francis, Henry William and Ellen 1836 (their eldest son Stephen and his family emigrated sometime after 1851)
    Miles, George and Ann with children Mary, Jane, George, Henry and Ruth 1835
    Wells, George 1835
    Whitington, George 1835 or 1836
    Cooper, John and Harriet with daughters Elizabeth, Sarah, Catherine, Charlotte and Harriet 1844
    Marshall, Thomas and Rhoda with children Thomas, Jane, James and Charles 1836
    Edsall, William and Mary with children George, Ellen, Eliza and Henry 1832
    Helyer (Hillier, Hilyer, Hillyer), James Sr and Charlotte with children Ann, Eliza, Jane, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Henry and Thomas 1833
    Helyer (Hillier, Hilyer, Hillyer), James Jr 1832
    Helyer (Hillier, Hilyer, Hillyer), John 1832
    Hetzel, William 1833?
    Marshall, Louisa 1832
    Tanner, Richard 1833
    Longley, Edward and wife 1835
    Poland (Poling, Polen), George and Mary with six children including Ann, Ellen, Louisa and Peter 1835
    Edwards, George and Esther with children James, Ann, Emma, William, Mary and Alfred 1837
    Edwards, John and Mary with children John, Charlotte, William, Mary Ann, Thomas, Eliza and Charles 1837
    Martin, Thomas and Philadelphia with children Harriett, Eliza, George, Robert, Elizabeth, Emily, Martha and Thomas 1835
    Luff, 1833
    Bachelor/Batchelor, Benjamin 1832
    Baker, William 1832
    Downer, John 1832
    Ford, Charles and Amelia 1832/33
    Haslett (Hastlett), William 1832
    Holden, Thomas widower with children Mary, Ann, Ruth, Harriet, James, Thomas and Moses 1832
    Joiner, James and Margaret with 3 children 1832
    Nash, Frank 1832
    Pannell, William and Mary 1832
    Peacock, Charles and Amelia with son Frederick pre 1838
    Puttock, Sarah 1832
    Puttock, Thomas with children Thomas and William (from Strood Green) 1833
    Smart, Henry and Jane with baby Frederick 1832
    Stemp, Arthur and Mary with daughters Jane and Hannah 1832
    Thomas, Edmund and Ann with children Mary, William, George and Edmund 1832
    Thomas, James and Mary with sons Henry and William 1832
    Thomas, Thomas and Elizabeth with children Rhoda and David 1832
    Smith, Daniel and Mary and children Daniel, Mary Ann, Sarah, Harriet, Henry and Elizabeth 1835
    Reeves, William 1832?
    Bridger, Miram 1832?
    Burt, Edward and Elizabeth with children Edward, Ellen, Elizabeth, Mary, Charles, Caroline, George and Henry (Todham Estate south of Easebourne) 1843 or 1845
    Dearling, John and Caroline with children Phoebe, Jane and Caroline 1833
    Evans, Mrs 1833
    Ford (Foard), Michael 1835
    Hopkins, Mary 1832?
    Levett, Charles and Mary with family 1838?
    Penfold, James and Mary 1832
    Rapson, James and Sarah with children Charlotte, Hannah, Phillip, Isaac, Rhoda, James 1832
    Rapson, William and Maria with daughter Fanny 1833 (returned to Lodsworth late 1840s)
    Sageman, Thomas and Frances with son Thomas, 1845
    Thair, George and Rhoda with children John, Thomas, and Fanny 1833
    White, Edward and Louisa 1835
    White, Harriet 1833
    Capelain (Caplain, Capling), James 1832
    Capling (Caplin, Caplain, Capelain), John and Jane with children George, Thomas, John, William, Mary, James, Stephen, Edmund, Jane, Charlotte 1832
    Chalwin, Robert 1832
    Groggin (Gogger), Henry 1832
    Humphreys, John and Anne with children Henry, Ann, Alfred, Mahala, Jane, Harriet, James and John 1842
    Kinshott, George 1832
    Kinshott, Joseph and Elizabeth with children Eleanor, John and Harriet 1832
    Lander (Launder), George and Henry 1832
    Luff, Edward with wife and 2 children 1832
    Morley, Nathan and Sarah with children Mary, William, George, Hannah, James, Stephen, Michael, Edwin and Thomas 1832
    Penfold, Jesse and Jane with children Matilda, Jesse and Caroline 1832
    Sanders (Saunders), John possibly with wife and children 1833
    Tanner, Richard 1833
    Tickner, William and Sarah with children Jane, Thomas Caroline, Ann, William, Eliza, George and James 1832
    Tribe, Henry and Charlotte with children Charlotte, Henry, Benjamin, Mary, Richard, Ann, Jonathan (from Dial Green) 1832
    White, John and Elizabeth with son William 1833
    Phillips, William Sr and Ellen with one child 1833
    Phillips, William Jr 1832
    Adsett, Thomas and Sarah with children Charles, Sarah, Emma and Harriett 1832
    Hill, Charles 1832?
    Holden, John and Hannah with children including Hannah, Keziah, John, George, Peter and Charles 1837
    Pullen, Richard and Frances and children Ann, Sarah, William, Hannah, Henry, Richard and Elizabeth (from Colhook Common) 1837
    Chase, William and Lucy with children Frank and Fanny 1832?
    Ide, Thomas Jr before 1837
    Ayles, George and Fanny with daughter Sarah Ann 1845
    Barnes, John and Charlotte with children Henry, Emma, John and Ellen 1836
    Berry, Barnaby 1843
    Biggs, John 1832?
    Boxall, Edward and Catherine 1832
    Burningham, Henry 1836
    Corney, G n/d
    Eade, George 1834
    Edwards, Charles 1832?
    Habbin, Henry 1833
    Hall, Charles and George 1844
    Haslett, Ann, Benjamin, John and Rachel Bird 1850
    Haslett, Frederick or Peter pre 1845
    Haslett, Jesse 1844
    Haslett, William 1836
    Heather, George 1832
    Heather, John (date not known)
    Hill(s), Lucy with baby Ann 1850
    Holden, James 1850
    Holliss(t), William and Elizabeth with children Eliza, Mary Ann and Anthony 1843
    Hopkins, Sarah and children Emily, Haise/Esau and Isabella 1837
    Joyes, Thomas and Kezia 1837
    Knight, Henry 1843
    Knight, William 1843
    Lannaway, James and Sarah with children Joseph, Rachel, Leah and Sarah 1838
    Lucas, Edward (Ned) 1832
    Lucas, Thomas and Ann with children William and Thomas 1832
    Ludby, Catherine 1835
    Meachen, Charles and Jane with children Charles and Edward 1844
    Meachen, Robert 1844
    Mitchell, Robert and Louisa with children Charlotte, Joseph, Thomas and Alfred 1835
    Mitchell, Thomas and Mary Ann with daughter Fanny 1832
    Moore, Edward 1832?
    Moore, James and William 1832
    Moore, John 1836?
    Moore, Luke 1837
    Nevett, John 1832?
    Nevett, Thomas 1832?
    Newman, Charles 1832
    Nightingale, Emily 1845
    Palmer, Hannah 1835
    Peacock, Henry 1850
    Pearce, - 1832?
    Penfold, Samuel 1832?
    Pratt, John (from Barnet’s Mill) 1836
    Puttock, James 1850
    Puttock, Thomas 1850
    Reading (Redding), Richard 1850
    Remnant, James and William 1850
    Sadler, Richard 1845
    Sageman, Bertha and son James Boxall Sageman 1844
    Sageman, William and Mary with children Charles, Mary Ann, Daniel and Emma 1836
    Sharp, David Clowser (Cloudesly, Clousley) and Clara with children Thomas, David, Sarah, Edmund and George 1836
    Sharp, Edmund and Sarah with children Elizabeth, Mary and Edmund 1833
    Sharp, Thomas 1836
    Shepherd, Thomas 1836
    Shepherd, William 1832
    Spencer, William and Sarah 1832
    Stemp, Arthur and Mary 1832
    Tanner, Eliza 1832
    Tilley, James and Hannah with children Mary, William, Maria, Henry, Frederick and possibly George 1833
    Tilley, William 1832
    Turner, George and Elizabeth with children Thomas, George, Charles, Edmund and Hezekiah 1833
    Upton, Clifford and William Taylor 1832
    Upton, Egbert, Frederick and Percival 1834
    Upton, Frances Taylor with son George 1835
    Varndell, James 1836
    Vinson (Vincent), Wellington 1836
    Wackford (Wakeford), James and Elizabeth with children Sarah, James, Emma, Thomas, William and Abraham 1832
    Ward, G. 1845
    Ward, W. 1845
    Watts, Eleanor and Sophia 1835
    Woods, Thomas and Ann 1836
    Young, James and Jane with children Jane and Robert 1832
    Goatcher (Goacher), Stephen from Nash Farm. 1832 (Superintendent on voyage; returned to wife in Pulborough by 1839)
    Green, William and Mary Ann and three children 1834
    Hawkins, Charles (probably Pulborough) 1832
    Napper, James and Avis with sons Charles, George and William 1832?
    Parker, James and Amy with children Amy, George and James 1832
    Sayers, James 1833?
    Thomas, William 1833?
    Carpenter, John (possibly not PEC) 1845
    3 emigrated, names and date unknown
    Anscombe, Benjamin and Elizabeth with child Eliza 1835
    Anscombe, William 1835?
    Bristow, Edward and Hannah with children Fanny, Edward and Hannah 1832
    Golds, George and Elizabeth with children Marianne, George and Thomas 1835
    Merritt, Edward with wife and 5 children (probably from Shipley) 1835
    Streeter, George 1832
    Tullett, Ephraim and Luke 1845
    Hall, James before 1836 (returned to Singleton area by 1839)
    Phillips, William (from Drove) 1832
    Goldring, Henry and Mary Ann with children Eleanor, Samuel, Emma and Caroline 1832
    Goldring, James and Sarah with children James, William, Frances, Eleanor, Michael, George and Edward 1832
    Joyce (Joice), Thomas and Rachel with children Richard, Anna, Sarah, George and Caroline 1832
    1 emigrated in 1832 – name not found
    Merritt, Samuel and Harriet with son Thomas 1835
    Botting, William 1843
    Hills, George and Ann with children Jane, George, Caroline, John, Ann and Henry 1832
    Puddock, (Jesse?) (probably from Sullington) 1832
    Scutt (Scott), John and Sarah with six children including John and Ellen 1835
    Carver, George 1832
    Charman, Richard and wife 1832?
    Edwards, William 1833?
    Elliott, Elias 1832
    Hilton, Charles and Mary Ann with children Alexander, Ann, Jane, Harriet, Charles, James, William, Sarah Ann 1832
    Hilton, Sarah with married son and family 1837
    Leggett, Joseph 1832
    Neal, Richard 1832
    West, William and Mary with daughters Sally and Fanny 1843
    Brooks, Eliza 1832
    Penfold, William and Sarah with son Standing George 1832
    Barnes, William and Mary with six children 1832
    Boxall, Charles 1832
    Boxall, William and Harriet with children Mary Ann, Jane, Clara, Emily, Rhoda, William and John 1836
    Briggs, Eliza with baby William Edward 1844
    Briggs, Elizabeth with sons William, Edward, James, George and Alfred 1844
    Chalcraft, Matthew and Charlotte with children Mary Ann, George and Maria 1836
    Cooper, Humphrey and Charlotte with children William, Elizabeth and James 1832
    Cooper, William 1833
    Daniels, William and Elizabeth with children Mary, Jane, William, Ann and Louisa Elizabeth 1832
    Goble, George and Clara with children Charles, Frederick, William and Joseph 1836
    Hale (Hall), Frances 1832
    Hambleton, Emily (alias Barnes) with son Charles (from Upperton) 1844
    Hambleton (Hamilton), James 1836
    Hambleton (Hamilton), William (alias Barnes) and Jane with children John, Harriet, Mary Ann, Jane, Lucy and Henry 1844
    Hopkins, George and Margaret with son James 1844
    Miles, Henry (employed on Dean Farm) 1832
    Moore, Charles and Rhoda with Rhoda’s baby Eliza Willett [Sageman] 1832
    Pannell, Mary with children Mary, Jane, William and Ann 1836
    Pulling, George 1834
    Sageman, Charles (from Upperton) 1844
    Sageman, John and Ann with children Harriet, Henry, James and Emma (from Little Common) 1844
    Sageman, Stephen and Mary Ann with children Henry, Harriet, William, Emma, Daniel, Eliza/Elianor, Anne, Mary Ann, Caroline and Jane 1844
    Smith, Daniel and Maria with children Mary, Jemima, Lucy, John, Daniel and Emma 1836
    Varndell, George with children Fanny and George 1836
    Willett, Belinda 1834
    Woods, James and Ann with son George 1836
    Lingham, Thomas and family (from Tottington) 1833
    Ayling, John 1836
    Birch/Burch, Edmund (Edward?) and Mary with children Edmund, James, Charles, Mary Ann, William, George and Emma 1835
    Booker, George 1836
    Cole, George 1836
    Cole, William 1835
    Cooke, Cornelius 1836
    Cooper, Richard 1836
    Ewens, John 1836
    Hornsby, William 1835
    Leggett, Charles 1835
    Leggett, George 1836
    Leggett, Ruth 1836
    Lintot, Benjamin 1836 or before
    Lintot, George 1832?
    Mellish, Frank 1835
    Messenger, Mark probably with wife with 4 children before 1836
    Milyard, James 1836
    Norris (Noice, Noyce), Henry and Charlotte with children Emma, Mary Ann and Edward 1832?
    Norris (Noice, Noyce), John and Thomas 1836
    Richard, Charles 1836
    Suter, George 1835?
    Tugwell, Mrs 1834?
    Butcher, Henry and Frances with children Sarah, Charlotte, Elizabeth, William, Ellen and Caroline 1845
    Carey, Philip and Mary 1835
    Holden, John 1832?
    Pennicott, John 1834
    Winham, Mr. 1832
    Ansell, Mary and her father 1836
    Bristow, John and Hannah with children John, James, Rebecca and Henry 1835
    Heasman, Henry 1834
    Morgan, George 1834
    Parsons, James and Anne with children Charles and George 1835
    Short, Henry 1835
    Barberry/Burberry, John and Rebecca with children John, Thomas, James, David, Elizabeth, Stephen, Sarah and George 1832
    Graffam (Grantham), John and Meliora with children Meliora, Charles and William 1832
    Heather, James and Sarah with son James 1843
    Hersee, C with wife and 5 children 1835
    Hook, George 1832
    Howick, John and Ann with grown-up children 1832
    Howick, Stephen 1831
    Laker, William with wife and children Mary Ann, Helen and William 1832?
    Mann, Charles 1832
    Mann, John, Samuel Jr and Thomas 1835
    Mann, Noah and Elizabeth with children Noah, Ambrose, Meshec, Shadrac, Hannah and Ellen 1836
    Mann, Samuel Sr and Ann with sons John, Mark, Eli, Moses and Edwin 1836
    Older, Samuel and Joanna with children Henry, William, James, Mary, George, Samuel, Caleb, Harriet and Sarah (from Five Oaks) 1832
    Oler (Older), Thomas 1832
    Oliver, George 1836
    Rapley, Charles with children Sophia and Elizabeth 1832
    Rapley, James with children William, David, Charlotte, Anne, Jesse, Lucy and Thomas 1832
    Saunders, William and Matilda with four children including Susan, Eliza and Jane 1832
    Smart, James and Ann and two children including daughter Rhoda 1832
    Smithers, Charles 1835
    Smithers, Lucy 1836
    Smithers, Edward 1832
    Smithers, Peter and Mary with children Sophy, Susannah, Elisabeth, Mary, Ann and Peter 1832
    Smithers, Stephen 1835
    Smithers, William 1836
    Southerton, Charles and Esther with children Sophy, Elisabeth, Thomas and Olive 1832?
    Thaire, William and Mary Ann with children Mary and James, 1832
    Tribe, George and Sarah 1832
    Turner, Jane 1835
    Wells, William 1832
    Wheeler, Charles 1832
    Wills, William 1832?
    Hillman, Ellis (from Yew Tree House) 1834
    Hilman, Harriet 1836
    Smith, John and Rebecca with children Thomas, Leonard, Matilda, Caroline, Jane and John 1837
    Hilton, George 1843
    Hilton, Henry and Sarah with children William, Margaret, Daniel, Henry and Stephen 1843
    Chatfield, Benjamin and Charlotte 1835
    Cole, Charles and Harriet with son Charles 1835
    French, George 1832
    Harwood, Philip 1835
    Jarrett (Jerratt), James 1835
    Saxby, Charles and Charlotte with children Emily and Mary Ann 1835
    Sims, William 1835

Emigrants from Surrey parishes, who were assisted by the Dorking Emigration Society in association with the Petworth Emigration Committee.


    Longhurst, George and Rebecca with daughter Christiana 1832
    Longhurst, Joseph and Sarah with children Charles, John, James, Anne, Frederick, Jesse Isaac, Carolyn and Hester 1832
    Jones, Abraham 1832?
    Tribe, James 1832
    Tribe, John Allen 1832
    Able, Christopher 1832
    Arnold, John 1832
    Blunden, alias Mitchell, Jas. 1832
    Broughton, George 1832
    Broughton, Richard 1832
    Chantler, Nathaniel and Sophia with children Esther Mary, Joseph, Henry, Alfred and Nathaniel Rowe 1832
    Cook, Henry and wife 1832
    Cosens (Cosins), Charles Sr and Ann with children Hester, Cornelius, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, Caroline, Nathaniel, Francis William, Ann, John and Jesse 1832
    Cosens, Charles Jr and Ann 1832
    Davis alias Watson, James 1832
    Edwards, Alfred 1832
    Hill, Samuel Jr 1832
    Hunt, Edward 1832?
    Inwood, John and son John Jr. 1832
    Jeater, James and Eliza with children Israel and Elizabeth 1832
    Ladd, Mr with wife and 5 children no date
    Lucy, James and Jane with daughter Emily 1832
    Lucy, John 1832
    Mercer, William Jr 1832
    Merritt (Meryett), James 1832
    Page, Richard 1832
    Penfold, David 1832
    Percival, David 1832
    Peters, Edward 1832
    Rowland, James 1832
    Sandford, William 1832
    Scott, George 1832
    Scott, John 1832
    Slipper, Robert and Harriet with children George, Harriet, Robert, Rose, Jane, Levi and John 1832
    Stedman, John 1832
    Sturt, John 1832
    Taylor, John 1832
    Terry, Thomas and Sarah with son Thomas 1832
    Tilt, William and Jane with children William, Jane and John 1832
    Welbeloved, John 1832
    Willard, William and Charlotte with children Maria, William, James, John, Charlotte, Henry, George, David and Charles, 1832
    Willett, Richard 1833
    Woolgar, Ann 1833
    Worsfold, John 1832
    Worsfold, William 1832
    Wright, William and brother (either James or David) 1832
    Blythman, James 1833
    Randall, Abraham Sr and Sarah with children Harriet, Jacob, Shadrack, Mesheck Abraham and Sarah 1836
    Randall, Isaac and Hannah 1833
    Chase, Mr. before 1833
    Harper, James and Sarah with children George, James, John Layers, Lucy, William Joseph and John Charles 1832
    Pickett, Joseph 1832
    Hetzel, William 1833?
    Marshall, Louisa 1832
    Chantler, Moses and Sarah with children John, Elizabeth, Charles, Ann, George, Mary Ann and Emma 1832
    Chantler, William Nathaniel 1840

The majority of single young men, who emigrated from the Isle of Wight, and particularly from Newport, were inmates in the House of Industry located in that town. Their parish of birth was usually different as they were sent to the House from around the island. All the parishes listed below, with the exception of Gosport, are on the island.


    Read, James 1834

    Squibb, George 1834

    Bartley, William and Mary with children James, Caroline, George, Godfrey or Alfred 1837
    Bull, Benjamin 1833
    Dutton, Walter 1833
    Moorman, William 1834
    Sheath, James and Mary 1837
    Simmonds (Simmons), Charles 1837
    Snow, George 1833
    Warne, Charles brother of Leonard 1837
    Warne, Leonard brother of Charles 1837
    Whittington, Mark 1834

    Wheeler, Mark 1837

    Whitmaish, William 1833

    Rogers, Joseph 1834
GOSPORT, Hampshire

    Sheath, Ed and wife (possibly Eliza) 1837

    Crossing, Charles 1834
    Snelling, Henry, wife Sarah and son Henry 1834
    Urry, Thomas 1833
    Warren, William, wife Mary and child 1834

    Hendy, Richard with wife Charlotte and children Richard and James 1837

    Arnold, Charles 1834
NEWPORT (House of Industry)

    Barnes, John and wife Elizabeth with children Jane, Elizabeth and Marianne 1837
    Blandford, Charlotte 1837
    Botterell, Rev. missionary 1835
    Bound, John 1837
    Bull, Elizabeth ‘aged 13’ 1838
    Cooke, Mark 1837
    Cotton, James 1837
    Cotton, William 1837
    Curley, George 1834
    Davies, Charlotte Maria 1837
    Dighton (Diton, Deighton), William 1834
    Dilley, Elias (previously from Whippingham) brother of Hannah 1837
    Dilley, Hannah (previously from Whippingham) sister of Elias 1837
    Drake, Henry Jenkins 1837
    Edwards, John 1834
    Fallick, Peter 1837
    Gaiger, William 1837
    Hatton, William with wife Ann and children William and Edith 1837
    Hayles (Hayless), Robert with wife Jane and children Theresa and Mary-Ann 1837
    Hodge, Job with son William – not confirmed - 1834
    Jolliffe, Jacob and wife Mary with seven children Alfred, Henry, Josiah, Mary Eleanor, Hester, Thomas and Jane Margaret 1837
    Kachett, Robert 1837
    Kingswell, James 1837
    Lowe, James 1837
    Masters, William 1837
    Nesbit, William 1837
    Plumbley, James 1837
    Rackett, Robert 1837
    Rich, Frank 1834
    Russell, James 1837
    Saunders, James 1837
    Sherring, John 1834
    Smith, John (previously from Arreton) 1837
    Squibb, James (brother of George) 1834
    Squibb, William 1837
    White, John 1837
    Williams, William and wife Catherine with four children William, Alfred, Mary Anne and Thomas Henry 1837
    Wolfe, John 1837
    Young, William 1837

    Wheeler, Thomas with wife Jane and children Thomas, George and Charles 1837

    Bishop, James 1833

    Russell, Henry with wife Harriet and son William 1837

    Read, James 1833

    Flux, William 1834
    Fry, George 1837
    Knight, Robert 1837

    Bull, James 1837

    Stephenson, William and wife or sister Hannah 1833

Six families emigrated from the same parish in 1832.


    Bloes (Blows), William, with wife Elizabeth and son Isaac. A baby girl, Sarah Ann, was born on board ship 1832
    Clear, Edward seen in Montreal by another Bassingbourne emigrant in 1832
    Racher, John with wife Edith and sons Charles and Stephen 1832
    Shambrook (Shambrink), John with wife Mary and children Lydia, Hannah, George and Sophia 1832
    Stamford, William with wife Elizabeth and children James, Maryann and Charles Augustine 1832
    Titmouse, Simeon with wife Sarah and children Charles, Ann and George 1832


    Stamp, William with wife Jane and five of their eight children - Edward, William, Susan, Maria, James, Sarah, John and Henry 1835
London area
    Dell, with wife and three children 1832?


    Ballison, Thomas (a soldier) 1836?
    Riddill, William 'a boy' known to Rev Sockett 1835


    Hammond, C with wife and two sons 1835


    Grace, William 1833
    Fletcher, Luke with wife and four children 1836

For those researchers who are interested in the history of a specific parish, Leigh Lawson has compiled lists of assisted emigrants sorted by their parish of origin.

This list is of parishes which sent emigrants on ships chartered by the Petworth Emigration Committee 1832 – 1837 and on other commercial ships after 1837.

Further information can be found in Part Two of Assisting Emigration To Upper Canada: The Petworth Project, 1832-1837 by Wendy Cameron and Mary MacDougall Maude McGill-Queen’s University Press 2000.